PLATE SIZE 2600x1470 MM 102x57 INCH



Die - splitter used for assembly, adjustment, checking and repair of dies for blanking, die casting, etc. with a very stable structure with a robust base made of welded and normalised steel.

The plates of the die-splitter have 2 large cavities that give the operator direct access to the lower parts of the die - halves, allowing rapid assembly and disassembly of the various parts of the dies.

The lower plate is removable and slides on the base plate, on ball bearings and is hydraulically actuated to move the lower part of the die outward and to the back of the die splitter, rotated by 90° to provide access to any part of the half - mould. As the removable plate returns back to its initial position, it stops mechanically and precisely, to ensure perfect repositioning to ensure repeatability of closure of the die halves.

The hydraulically actuated upper plate slides vertically on four guide columns and can rotate by 360° by reduction gears, to bring the upper die half in a comfortable position for working on it. Clamping of the upper plate in the exact horizontal position is ensured by four hydraulically actuated locating pins.

The advantages of the AM series die splitters:

• Remarkable reduction of assembly and maintenance time
• Ergonomic positions for performing work on the dies
• Extremely easy die-handling


Standard equipment

Control Panel
Each button on the touch control panel is clearly marked with an icon that identifies its purpose. The PLC controls the sequence of movements and prevents operator mistakes.

Machine control – functions

• Electronically controlled by program recorded on Siemens S7 300
• Digital control of the parallelism of the upper mobile plate
• Digital display of the stroke
• Self-learning system for recording the die-stroke
• Multi-language troubleshooting system
• Management of all die-splitter functions

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