PLATE SIZE 980x750 MM 38x29 inch


Description and standard equipment

For the assembly, adjustment, check and repair of moulds (for thermoplastics, die-casting, thermoset, rubber and cutting) with possibility of low - pressure injection into the moulds. Hydraulics controlled by electronic proportional servo valves.
Parallelism controlled using Heidenhain optical rulers. Siemens PLC controlled with touch panel interface.

Very stable structure with sturdy base made of welded and normalized steel and cast iron base plate.

Upper Plate

The hydraulically actuated upper plate slides vertically on four guide columns and can rotate by 360° by reduction gears, to bring the upper die half in a comfortable position for working on it. Four hydraulically actuated positioning pins lock the upper plate in the exact horizontal position.

Touch Panel Multipanel
Millutensil is the first manufacturer in the world to have fitted touch panels in spotting presses. A Siemens S7 - 300 electronic PLC controls all the machine's functions (series BV - E).The machine is fitted with a latest - generation Siemens TP900 Multi Panel touch panel. Uncluttered, clear and ergonomic, the panel offers many advantages as well as vast flexibility in customizing features, including control of the auxiliary cylinders.




R Lower plate tilting 75°

BV26E - Option R



Energy accumulator (single shot)
For the development of moulds for plastics, rubber and die-casting. It is a hydraulic device which is fixed to the upper plate of the press. It gives an instant blow to the closed mould to optimally check the coupling between the two half-moulds (punch and die).
The dynamic action of the device is independent of the closing movement of the press. As a result, the dynamic effect of the energy accumulator is added to the closing force of the press. Increases the efficiency of the Prussian blue marking.

Accumulatore di energia (a colpo istantaneo)

Special Wax Automatic Injection Unit
This attachment provides a way to inject special wax at a low pressure into the mould cavity. This makes it possible to check, on the basis of the moulded parts obtained, the dimensions and thicknesses of the degree of tightness of the mould, and any burrs and flashes. The wax injection attachment includes: wax container with thermostat-controlled electric heating, pneumatic drive with air pressure control, and a temperature control for the chamber to attain constant wax fluidity. Dynamic verification of the extractor elements.

Unità automatica d’iniezione di cere speciali

Hydraulic Ejector Unit 
Drives the movement of the extraction pins of moulds for plastics and die-casting. Dynamic verification of the elements.

Unità espulsore idraulico

Auxiliary Cylinders Control Unitd 
This hydraulic device allows movement of possible cylinders applied on the die or mould for greater control of mobile parts (max 2+2).

Unità di comando cilindri ausiliar


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