Founded in 1955 by Luigia Assi Just and after 65 years in the business, Millutensil has became a worldwide leader in the production of die & mould spotting presses and machinery for sheet metal working.

The two daughters (Beatrice and Veronica Just) represent the second generation and have been working in the company since several years, granting continuity and prosperity to the business.

A steadfast internationalization process and active pursuit of new markets have characterized the activity of Millutensil. Persistent engagement with our customer propels us to meet their needs with innovative and tailored solutions.
Those who know Millutensil know that it is a business whose principal asset is heart.
Each customer is looked after with great care persevering to meet all provisions and urgency. Mutual growth with our customer is the essence of  our partnership mentality.

Our book

Millutensil is pleased to present the book that contains the history of the company from its inception to recent times.

Our history from 1955 to 2015: a book of images, stories, testimonies and memories. A journey through our history through our eyes.

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Millutensil Timeline

Millutensil’s foundation year

27/07/1955 At the beginning, the core business is selling of wood processing machines

Millutensil starts the cooperation with Fibro Germany

1968 Becomes exclusive agent for Italy for selling standard components for mould and die makers

Construction of the first spotting press prototype for company IBM

1971 Starting of blue line

Construction of the factory

1988 Izano (CR), Italy

90s start of Green and Yellow line

1990 Coil lines / feeding and cutting lines and conveyor systems

60th Anniversary

2015 Creation of the LIMITED EDITION design for Blue Line and Green Line

Construction of the new FIBRO Stock

2017 In Izano (CR), Italy

Factory Extension

2018 Izano (CR) Italy

65th Anniversary

2020 Planning of further factory extension (Izano CR, Italy)

Our Team

People are the real key to the success of our company. Our high quality standard is guaranteed by the experience, commitment and enthusiasm of each member of our team.

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Our customers are our greatest satisfaction. Millutensil prioritized the goal of not being a mere supplier, but a real technological partner alongside its customers.

Let’s focus on Millutensil Line Product Categories

Die & mould spotting presses, die-splitters and tool movers

Equipment for coil lines for presses.
All around the press.

Conveying and stacking solutions.
Stackers and destackers.

Exclusive distributor for FIBRO standards parts in Italy