All around the press.
Full integrated

Equipment for coil lines presses. Fully integrated, providing “all around the press” solutions. The innovative and leading machinery for the sheet metal working industry.
The GREEN LINE offers solutions for the complete automation of sheet metal processing thanks to innovative and state-of-the-art machinery.

Our philosophy

Millutensil can provide customers with a complete integrated “All Around the Press” solution.

Thanks to our technology and 65 years’ experience we have developed a comprehensive program that easy managing and integration of the production equipment, lubrication systems and conveyor belts (for parts and scrap) with a single “click”.

The great advantage for the customer is having a single supplier who knows all about the peripheral technologies and integrates it into the production process to ensure competitiveness and performance.

In Millutensil, you have one “single technological partner” offering you a wide range of solutions and integrated services.

All the advantages of choosing Millutensil

With a single click, you will manage a complete line made up of several machines, e.g. decoilers, straightening machines, shears, welding units and accessory equipment, such as lubricators and lubrication systems.

Thanks to the Smark Link System all the systems are interconnected to provide an accurate and optimized process.

This program allows for great time-savings on the reset of the line and on all the parameters for production changes.

All the systems included in one single integrated system allowing a single line certification management.