With our coil lines, we supply the complete technology

We realize highly technological solutions for customers in the sheet metal stamping sector for the automotive industry, for high-strength materials, for large thicknesses and for aluminum.
The focus is on the customer, the product to be realized and the optimization of the process.
The solutions we offer are the result of high performance, integration, material processing and precision.
The continuous desire to evolve in the future, constant studies on applied materials and processes and the ability to offer “All around the press” solutions are the strengths of the successful cooperation between our customers and Millutensil.

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Our lines

Lines for steel

Millutensil manufactures coil lines in compact or long configuration, suitable in case of ferrous materials, steels, stainless steel, aluminium.

The compact lines have been designed to process materials in small spaces, ensuring the performance required with the needs of straightening the materials.

They have been studied for thicknesses up to 12 mm

The long lines, on the other hand, make it possible to achieve high performance, even with the use of delicate and sight materials, also in combination with servo presses.

Also, the “SERVO REEL” version of the compact configuration is an interesting solution, to which we have dedicated a special section of our website.

This technology allows in compact coils lines, where the straightener also performs the function of feeder (straightener/feeding unit)

in order for the decoiler and the straightener to work in chohesion

so that  the decoiler keeps the coil always compact. A very advanced technology designed to be used with high strength materials.

Strip and-joining lines

Coil lines with integrated welding process are generally used in stamping processes by using progressive dies, with high thickness, with fine blanking lines up to 12 mm, with profiling or lamination lines.

The welding processes can integrate TIG or plasma welding units according to the materials to be processed.


  • Considerable time saving during coil change
  • Saving of waste consumption material in coils
  • Decreasing of tool breakages,
  • Risks reduction for operators by optimizing the production
  • Ensuring the junction in the subsequent processing steps

Millutensil has developed programs that greatly simplify the integration steps of the cutting-joining and welding process.

Line for high-strength metals

Millutensil has realized coil feeding lines suitable to process high strength materials.

The machines are designed with a high number of rollers and are designed and built to remove the internal materials stresses suitable for relieving stress ensuring a very high straightening flatness.

The straightening units for high-strength materials are the result of an in-depth study carried out with important service centers and TIR 1 of worldwide importance. Because of this, Millutensil has created projects with high technological content to obtain optimal flatness results for integrated processes thanks to our straightening units.

Lines for aluminum

MILLUTENSIL manufactures lines for aluminum processing.

They are designed with several specific features to allow the processing of this material.

Furthermore, projects have been developed with the possibility of cleaning the straightening rollers, with specific integrated devices suitable to clean the rollers and automatic cycles.

The levelers are also projected having the possibility of changing the drawer for rollers cleaning purposes.

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