Blue Line - BV


Presses for assembly, adjustment, checking and repair of small and medium dies

Why invest in a MILLUTENSIL BV press?

The fundamental advantages of using our spotting presses are:

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For the assembly, adjustment, check and repair of moulds (for thermoplastics, die-casting, thermoset, rubber and cutting) with possibility of low - pressure injection into the moulds. (VIDEO 1).


The hydraulically actuated upper plate slides vertically on four guide columns and can rotate by 360° by reduction gears, to bring the upper die half in a comfortable position for working on it. Four hydraulically actuated positioning pins lock the upper plate in the exact horizontal position. (IMAGE 1).
The lower plate is removable and slides on the base plate, on ball bearings and is hydraulically actuated to bring the lower part of the die outward in a comfortable position for working on it. (IMAGE 2 ).

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